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What to do in Chartres ?

Located at the gateway to Paris and the Loire Castles, Chartres enjoys an international reputation thanks to its UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral.

The city of Chartres has a rich history, which goes back to the Neolithic era. From the Roman period, Autricum (roman name of Chartres which comes from the Gallic tribe of the Carnuts) is an important place but it is especially in the Middle Ages that the city becomes a political, religious and military place of first plan.

The city of Chartres is divided into two parts in medieval times, the upper town with the castle, the Cathedral and the lower town that combine economic activity related to the river as the tannery mills.

The Cathedral resists the French Revolution, despite the damage of the 1st and 2nd World War, the city has preserved a beautiful historical heritage.

You may start with the little train « Char’trains » (located on the Cathedral square) which will leads you to the Old Town.

From April to October, every night, from nightfall at 1 a.m., discover the major event of the city, « Chartres en Lumières ». Through its spectacular nocturnal route, the city reveals its monuments and unmissable sites highlighted.

There are a lot of visits in Chartres :

If you are interested in nature, there are a lot of opportunities :

The Galerie du Vitrail (Notre-Dame Cloister) offers for sale many books and original stained glass créations from the Loire workshops.

For lovers of Contemporary Art, the « Chemin des Arts » brings together 3 galleries and a workshop :

Regarding gastronomy, please try Mentchikoffs inspired from Russia (alliance of meringue and chocolate in a candy). The pâté de Chartres, the Eurélienne (local brewed beer), the poule-au-pot and the Beauce sablé…

Also, the Eure-et-Loire region is rich of discoveries like :

The Cinema « Les Enfants du Paradis », theaters (théâtre de Chartres, théâtre du Portail Sud, théâtre de Poche et théâtre du Seuil) are also available in Chartres during your stay.